Modernizing the Menu.

Modernizing the Menu.

By Blake Wisz

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are opening back up, and we couldn't be more excited. But over the last several months, we noticed that many establishments are still using paper menus, and those who aren't are only offering a PDF version of their menu that creates a lackluster experience for guests. Not to mention there is a safer way forward.

That is why we are breaking onto the scene to share an affordable and modernized menu with ChompQR. We've created a beautiful and easy-to-use platform for both the establishment and the consumer. Help connect with your customer through categories, items, descriptions, and photos to build your customer's best possible experience. Not to mention you can update, add specials, and more on the fly without any hassle.

A customer scans your customizable ChompQR code and is transported to an easy-to-use, read, and interactive menu. ChompQR also offers upgrade options to begin mobile ordering with your customers all on the same platform. Helping you keep chefs in the kitchen, customers chomping, and owners informed on guest behaviors with real-time scan reporting.

Inspire your guests by adding your message, logo, or colors to your ChompQR code, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. You can get started in a matter of minutes by adding your restaurant details, menu and downloading your Chomp QR Code.

What are you waiting for? Cut printing costs. Keep employees and customers safe. And have some fun!

Get started; it's free to try: Create An Account - Chomp QR Modernizing the Menu.