How does ChompQR work?

How does ChompQR work?

Chomp QR is a seamless digital menu experience for restaurant owners and their guests. Diners scan your unique QR code to load a dynamic interactive menu rather than a stagnant PDF. Your mobile-friendly menu will automatically load at the full screen, making it easier for guests to navigate, no need to zoom in and out moving around a clumsy flat document. Instead, guests will be greeted with a well-designed experience, quickly exploring your delicious offerings.

We are making it easy to update your menu with a few keystrokes. There is no need for reprinting, telling your customers you are out of an item or dealing with dirty, unsanitary, or worn-out menus.

The Process:

  1. Create an Account (free to get started or buy a lifetime account)
  2. Input your establishment and menu information (visually showcase by adding images of your product)
  3. Download, print, or share QR code for menu
  4. Engage with customers by letting them scan the QR code with their phones to view the mobile menu (no app needed!)

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