5 Tips To Take Better Food Photos For Your Mobile Menu

5 Tips To Take Better Food Photos For Your Mobile Menu

Our founders Blake and Jasmine Wisz, have traveled worldwide on photography projects working with brands, restaurants, hotels, and more for over ten years. They share a love for food, design, and the fantastic service they have received from many beautiful restaurants.

One thing they have noticed, though, is that many restaurants seem to fail when it comes to using photography, excellent copy, and ease of access to their menus to help drive more sales of fan favorites or specials.

ChompQR can help with that and a menu that is easy to update, and the ease of adding a great photograph of the special. There is even a quick toggle, so you don't have to input the information every time. You can toggle when you want to feature. So, let us get to the tips!

  1. When photographing your food, try to use indirect natural light. Think about setting up a set, snap, and repeat near a window with a scene set up on a table or using colored paper from your local art supply store that matches your branding! Or keep it safe with black, white, or wood backdrops.
  2. Hold your phone or camera directly over the food item. This is called a lay-flat and is one of the top ways people post their food on social. Making feel native to look down at a phone and see the food right in front of you!
  3. Try adding a human element. Show hand touching the plate, silverware, or their cocktail to set off some energy in the photograph. Adding a human element always personalizes the scene and can help others think of themselves in the diners' seat about to partake in a lovely meal.
  4. Use customer's photos with permission and photo credit, of course, in the description. Helping the person reviewing the menu see that this is the real deal. An actual customer's meal can help the diner have realistic expectations of what they would receive. It can also save your team time and energy if you often have people snapping away and tagging you online.
  5. Invest in a decent mirrorless camera for increased quality. If you are taking the time to make all of the above suggestions a reality, you will grab some awesome content for your menu. But, you can do even more with a high-quality image to grow your restaurant on social by running print and digital ads. A good camera will give you that extra something to show your customers quality is essential.

We hope these tips on how to take better food photographs for your mobile menu were helpful. You can get started today with ChompQR to start helping guests access your menu and start showing off those fantastic photos, www.chompqr.com/signup